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Service Contract

Service Visit

If required we can just supply a one off service visit, this will still incorporate all the requirements of BSEN16005:2012 but provides a cost effective and quick solution in terms of

automatic doors. We can also look after your barriers, gates and manual doors.

Schedule Service Contract

A regular scheduled annual service or bi-annual service agreement can be put in place for automatic gates and barriers, as well

as automatic doors, which are required to be serviced in accordance with BSEN16005:2012 for verification of safety and security.

Tailor-made Service Contract

CDL can provide a tailor made service agreement to suit customers needs which will include service, repairs and call-outs. Giving you, and the budget holder peace of mind, ensuring safe operation, helping you to protect your investment and extend the life of your automated entrance systems in a most cost effective way.

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Sister Company

If you require assistance with your garage door, gates and awnings, please call our sister company

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